Jana Hertel, Dr.rer.nat.

Bioinformatician, computer scientist - hands-on data

'A','C','G' and 'U' - are letters? True. Is it all? NO! Hundreds to millions of these "letters" build up the area of work I most enjoy: digging deep into the meaning, function, evolution and structural appearance of RNA sequences - biological macro molecules that sit inside each and every cell of our - and all other's bodies. Tiny stuff that controls almost everything.. This work is not just number/letter chrunching sometimes it collecting massive amounts of data to analyse the evolution of RNA genes [e.g. 1, 17, 23, 24] and then it is finding the Hairpins in a Haystack [2]. On other days, I need to develop new algorithms to adress a problem like the prediction of the evolution of paralogous genes [23].
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